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Free Forever complimentary plan Epesi Compute VM for Developers is available to Github account owners.

  1. Login to Github and open Epesi CRM repository located at
  2. Star and fork repository. Copy your EpesiCRM repo URL.
  3. Visit Epesi Cloud store and select Free Epesi Compute VM for Developers plan.
  4. Select option: Use FREE subdomain from Epesi Cloud.
  5. Pick a name for your account like a project name.
  6. In the field: Github URL you need to paste your EpesiCRM repo URL.
  7. Pick Epesi Admin login name and password.
  8. Proceed to checkout. You will need to register new account providing a valid e-mail address.
  9. Place an order. You will receive shortly the first e-mail confirmation about new account.

Please allow up to 48 hours for verification and processing and setup.

You will receive several more e-mail with details of your Free Forever complimentary plan Epesi Compute VM for Developers.

If you have more questions about Epesi Cloud plans please open a support ticket.



Epesi Team

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