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Epesi Cloud offers free complimentary hosting plans for developers, Do It Yourself [DIY] IT administrators and business owners.

Each Free Forever plan comes with certain limits and the free subscription can be suspended or canceled at any time if the account is improperly used, abused or unused and abandoned. 

Improper use of rented server's resources like hosting illegal content, pornography (especially child-pornography), pirated copyrighted material, viruses or worms, illegal hacking tools causing harm and or server malfunction and the like, will result in immediate suspension of the account with or without notice. Owners of suspended accounts will be contacted to correct reported misuse. If there is no action, like no reply to an e-mail sent to the owner of the account, for more than 30 days then the account will be purged as inactive.

We reserve the right to inspect and analyze periodically account use and suspend those that are dormant, unused for more than 1 year (12 months).

42 e-mails limit

42 is the limit of outgoing e-mails per mailbox per day to combat SPAM and to force all users to use Epesi to collaborate and stop employee to employee e-mails.

Limits are subject to change with or without notice.

Please respect other users. Do no harm. Violators will be erased.

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