Epesi 1.8.2 PHP 7.3.x fix

Beta version of Epesi 1.8.2 fix addressing PHP 7.3.x compatibility issues:

Recommended steps to resolve compatibility issues with PHP 7.3.x:

1. Test Clean Installation: 

  • Run a clean install of Epesi from the file: epesi182PHP73fix.zip
  • If the link does not work paste into the browser the following address:

(This is a beta version, however It is stable and you are not risking any data loss.)

- After the file is downloaded unzip it and place on the web server. 

- Create a new database and proceed with the installation.

- Test it and make sure that it runs fine under your php version.

2. Make a backup of your old (faulty) EPESI installation directory and database.


3. Upgrade old Epesi by unpacking Epesi182PHP73fix.zip file into Epesi directory overwriting all files.

If needed go to admin area and rebuild the theme.


(If #1 Fails: your only remedy would be to downgrade your PHP, which means downloading an older xAMP version.

For more detailed information concerning restoration of your EPESI installation see: https://epesi.cloud/knowledgebase/9/How-to-restore-your-EPESI-installation-.html



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