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Epesi BIM is Free and Open Source [FOSS], lightweight Customer Relationship Management [CRM] application and easy to use Kickstarter for building cloud native Enterprise Resource Planning [ERP] applications. Epesi provides Rapid Application Development [RAD] and low-code and no-code tools for agile development. Now using only Platform as a Service [PaaS] you can build a custom ERP solution 100% free and doing 100% development work within a browser. Perfect for freelancers, PHP developers, startups, individual use, small and medium size businesses and... everyone who wants to stay organized. Contractors, law offices, embassies and wholesellers... we are amazed how diverse and OLD is Epesi user base. Registrations data shows that statistically Epesi BIM instance is 7.5 years old with some companies running it since the beginning of time (circa AD 2007 and first public release on SourceForge). Translated by user community into over 30 languages (thank you!!!) and used on every continent, every country (but not every city yet) on this Big Blue Pale dot. You can run multiple instances of Epesi BIM on your and you will, because it is such a usefull business and personal manager of information. Imagine how much money open source software can save!

Build your custom ERP

We'll manage it for you

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Let us show you how free the world of open source is...

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  • Your Business will receive know-how
    and advanced technology transfer from us.
  • We will become your Virtual DevOps Department
    as You outsource your IT operations to us.
  • You get Priority Technical Support from experts
    (and fewer headaches...)
  • We manage fully your Epesi Cloud
  • You focus on your business
  • We take care of all of your IT needs
    and provide advice and consulting
  • You get a turnkey solution for your business
    with best practices and procedures
  • Unlimited free access for all your employees
  • Quick way to setup remote workers
  • Comes with all tools needed by administrator
  • We make daily and weekly backups
  • Advanced Permission system
  • Login audit & full records history
  • Simplified billing for all web services
  • Free cPanel or DirectAdmin control panels
  • Secure HTTPS connection via SSL
  • Softaculous Premium applications installer
  • Register or park domains with us
  • SPAM control for e-mails is managed by developers of Epesi BIM. We started building it years ago to serve all our internal needs and to offer our clients Epesi CRM in Software as a Service version [SaaS]. It was configured to deliver maximum performance, reliability and the most "bang for our buck".

After years of trials and testing various infrastructure providers including Big Cloud we settled with Linode and Hetzner as the best ISP in the industry. Using their plumbing we created a fexible Platform as a Service [PaaS] to run efficiently all PHP applications, not only Epesi CRM. MySQL database engine was tuned for best RAM usage and configured it to run at maximum speed with PHP-FPM mode, Zend OPcache, memcache support etc. Multiple PHP versions are supported including the latest. Over the years we kept removing bugs and adding new features until we were happy with the setup.

Epesi Cloud Stack on Linode runs fast!

Now we would like to share it with you. is PHP Developer friendly. It will perform very well serving Grav or WordPress CMS or e-commerce site or any other PHP application included with Softaculous autoinstaller. On top of reliable Linux operating system we put tried and tested, industry standard, familiar control panels - cPanel or DirectAdmin - to manage the cloud with ease. The platform has been tested in production for years and it is very fast, reliable and inexpensive to run and manage. It comes with all necessary tools to start a project with Epesi CRM as a Kickstarter and easily and rapidly build ERP solution running completely on

Great for remote work!


Its easy its epesi

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Software Suggest Award

2022 Winter Most Popular Software

2021 Users Most Likely to Recommend


Finances Online Award

2018 Great User Experience

2018 Rising Star

Open Source Excellence Award

in Business & Enterprise CRM & ERP category
by SourceForge.

Download Epesi BIM Free & Open Source CRM

Available to you at SourceForge since 2007.

We are celebrating 15th Anniversary !

Do you know that almost 95% of open source projects are no longer maintained after a year?

Check Epesi demos

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You'll be glad you did!

Attention GitHub PHP Developers!


Fork Epesi CRM at Github and get

FreeCloud Epesi Compute VM


The Coalition for Fair Software Licensing

To learn more visit The Coalition's for Fair Software Licensing web site.

Epesi BIM is released under MIT license.

We support Principles of Fair Software Licensing.

  • Licensing terms should be clear and intelligible Epesi is MIT licensed
  • Freedom to bring previously purchased software to the cloud Sure. It's LAMP
  • Freedom to run on-premises software on the cloud provider of choice Epesi is MultiCloud
  • Costs should be reduced through the efficient use of hardware Epesi Cloud shares resources
  • Freedom from retaliation for choice of cloud service Cancel anytime!
  • Avoiding customer lock-in through interoperable directory software Epesi is open source
  • Permitted uses of software should be reliable and predictable Epesi is MIT licensed
  • Licenses should cover reasonably expected software uses MIT license is extremely flexible

In the context of free and open-source software, free refers to the freedom to copy and re-use the software, rather than to the price of the software. … one should “think of free as in free speech, not as in free beer”.

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